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    Cardboard Sleeve Packaging

    flexible, affordable, and reliable: cardboard sleeve packaging

    Sleeve Packaging

    Cardboard sleeves are a universal, inexpensive, and flexible form of packaging that is widely used around the world to store and transport items.

    Do you help readily available, reliable packaging to help you mass-transport your products in a safe, efficient, and inexpensive manner? There’s no better type than box sleeve packaging.

    With Art of Packaging, you’re getting the best of the best: high-quality cardboard, excellent craftsmanship, bespoke packaging that fits your products perfectly. That’s why our company is one of the most trusted custom sleeves packaging manufacturers and distributors in the United Kingdom — get in touch now and help us provide you with the best printed cardboard sleeves on the market!

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        We believe in environmental responsibility and take special pride in conducting our business in accordance with ecological norms.

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        Maintaining the highest standards is a key issue for us. We believe our packaging is a calling card of your product.

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        If your product requires non-standard approach, we are ready to create a customised solution to meet your needs.

    Cardboard Sleeve Packaging: Product Description

    Cardboard sleeves are one of the more simple, innocuous, and straightforward types of packaging out there. They are widely used to prepare the product for storage, mail, and store shelves.

    Cardboard sleeves are very flexible: they can be used as generic, mass-produced packaging to afford your products some protection during storage and transportation.

    They can also be branded, coloured, and embellished to give your products striking visuals and make them stand out on store shelves. Products standing out on store shelves is one of the driving factors in sales, so the importance of this can’t be understated.

    The manufacturing processes of cardboard sleeves are really flexible, and Art of packaging can produce cardboard packaging sleeves of many different sizes and shapes. Not only that, since the packaging is made out of cardboard, they’re environmentally friendly and recyclable. An undeniable positive for the brand of any company that uses it.

    Benefits of Cardboard Sleeves

    • Inexpensive: cardboard sleeves are one of the least expensive types of packaging, as we’ve mentioned before, and this makes them extremely useful for utility uses. Whenever you need packaging quickly at a low cost, you should contact us about packaging.
    • Customisable: every aspect of this type of packaging is customisable. Do you want cardboard sleeves packaging the size of a large desk? You can get them. Do you want thin, small sleeves the size of a mail? You just need to contact us.
    • Environmentally friendly: due to the packaging being made almost entirely out of cardboard, it is one of the more environmentally friendly packagings out there. Whether it is to comply with specific regulations or to build a positive image for your brand, going with Art of Packaging means you get environmentally-friendly, reusable packaging.
    • Easily scalable: due to the simple nature of this type of packaging, it can be easily scaled to your needs. Do you want a massive number for utility needs? Do you want a few embellished ones for your luxury products? Here at Art of Packaging, we can scale our production to your needs.

    Branded Box Sleeve Packaging

    A product’s branding and design are two of its most important elements for marketing, sales, and ultimately success.

    With Art of Packaging printed cardboard sleeves, you’ll be able to fully realize the style and branding you desire to a T. Our bespoke box sleeve printing will allow you to embellish the packaging with logos, texts, and symbols of your choosing.

    The freedom we afford our clients with our branded packaging helps make their products stand out. We have heard many such success stories from our clients, and you can be next if you contact us right now!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Cardboard Sleeve?

    Sleeves made out of cardboard are thin, flexible sheets that can be used in packaging. The sleeves are thicker than paper, but this doesn’t mean they’ve lost any flexibility: in fact, you can fold them into any shape you want.

    This flexibility makes sleeves one of the most commonly used types of packaging in the world. It can be used as stand-alone packaging or in conjunction with other types of packaging.

    What are Packaging Sleeves Made Of?

    Waste paper, gulp, and groundwood pulp are the three most common materials commonly used to manufacture these kinds of sleeves. Thankfully, they are all abundant and environmentally-friendly materials, and this is why sleeves are usually very affordable while having a minimal environmental footprint.

    Some bespoke sleeves also use paperboard, corrugated cardboard, and plastic materials in their manufacturing as well. These are usually bespoke sleeves used to package items for store shelves or food sleeves used in food packaging.

    How Do You Make a Box Sleeve?

    Depending on the materials used, the quantity of the sleeves manufactured, and the embellishments and embroideries, sleeves can be manufactured in a variety of ways.

    How Do You Use Packaging Sleeves?

    Sleeves are extremely easy and simple to use for your products. You just tell us the dimensions and shape of the sleeves you want, we manufacture them and ship them to you in the quantity you ask for, and then you simply slide your products into them. There’s no special machinery or hard labour required.