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    Pharmaceutical boxes

    Best pharmaceutical packaging in the UK

    Pharmaceutical boxes

    Medicine Packaging

    Looking for wholesale medicine boxes for your products? Looking for pharmaceutical packaging for your over-the-counter medicine to make it stand out? Looking for medicine packaging boxes that keep the medicaments safe, dry, and safe for consumption?

    With our company, Art of Packaging, you’re getting the best pharmaceutical boxes on the market:

    • Tailor-made: medicaments and pharmaceuticals come in different shapes and sizes, and our partners need boxes of different dimensions for their products. This won’t ever be a problem with Art of Packaging – if you have a medicine, we can create tailormade packaging for it regardless of its size or shape!
    • Inexpensive: the margins on medications and pharmaceuticals can be very slim, and even slightly expensive packaging might cut into your profit margins or make your products unappealing. Thanks to our robust supply chains and our powerful network that spans the UK and mainland Europe, at Art of Packaging, we ensure the packaging is affordable – one of the least expensive in all of the UK.
    • Reliable: pharmaceuticals can be really fragile, and undue humidity, direct sunlight, etc. can impact the effectiveness of various drugs, sometimes even turning them toxic/harmful. That’s why you need reliable packaging that adheres to all the health and safety standards and regulations in the UK and the EU. Packaging that truly protects the medicine until it reaches the intended target.

    These qualities make us the premier packaging outsourcing partner for pharmaceutical companies in the United Kingdom. If you’re interested in our services, get in touch with us, and we’ll make it work!

      1. FSC certificates

        We believe in environmental responsibility and take special pride in conducting our business in accordance with ecological norms.

      1. 100% quality

        Maintaining the highest standards is a key issue for us. We believe our packaging is a calling card of your product.

      1. FSC certificates

        If your product requires non-standard approach, we are ready to create a customised solution to meet your needs.

    Custom Medicine Boxes by Art of Packaging

    From our inception, at Art of Packaging, our vision has been to provide custom, reliable, and safe at affordable prices for our partners, and our businesses processes and operations reflect that. If you decide to work with us, you will benefit from our flexibility, reliability, and competence:

    • Suitable contracts: we work with companies from various sectors and industries, and we understand that our partners’ needs can change quite drastically. That’s why we’re really flexible with the types of contracts we sign. Companies merely need to contact us with details about their project, and we’ll make sure to come up with contractual obligations that are suitable for both sides.
    • fully fleshed-out prototypes before production: packaging is really important – it is the outward exterior of your product, and it influences people’s perception of your product, brand and company. That’s why we’re committed to getting it right, and we always send our partners prototypes of the design before we start production. Only after we iron out all the details and agree on every millimetre of the design will we give the go-ahead.
    • Flexible supply chains: as a pharmaceutical company, you need a packaging partner that can match your production. If you offer cold medicine, and you need many more packages in the winter, you need the packaging company to keep up. At Art of Packaging, we recognize that, and we work with many companies and provide packaging to many products with widely differing demands across seasons. That’s why we’ve structured our company and modelled our processes in an entirely flexible way. You can always rely on us to supply you with the packaging you need.