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    Rigid boxes

    Looking for custom top-grade rigid boxes for your luxury products? Check us out!

    Rigid boxes

    What Makes Our Custom Rigid Boxes Exceptional

    Rigid boxes are standard in many industries: jewellery, delicacies, perfumes, etc., and in many other industries, they are an excellent addition that could help your product make the right first impression. You need an experienced, professional, and competent rigid box manufacturer to design your products’ packages!

    Art of Packaging is the company you’re looking for: high-quality rigid box packaging, full control over the design, attention to the minutest of details, effective production that keeps packaging costs low and protects your margins, and much more.

      1. FSC certificates

        We believe in environmental responsibility and take special pride in conducting our business in accordance with ecological norms.

      1. 100% quality

        Maintaining the highest standards is a key issue for us. We believe our packaging is a calling card of your product.

      1. FSC certificates

        If your product requires non-standard approach, we are ready to create a customised solution to meet your needs.

    Custom Rigid Boxes

    Having a bespoke rigid box to make your product appear unique on store shelves is borderline essential, and you need to entrust it to a competent, reliable packing company. So, why should you trust us with such an essential task?

    Here at Art of Packaging, we pride ourselves on our experience, the quality of our products, and the talent of our team; our custom rigid box offer is something you can’t refuse!

    Decide on Every Millimetre

    We empower our clients to get as involved as they want in designing our rigid boxes. Do you want to design your own luxury rigid boxes down to the millimetre and let us take care of the manufacturing? You can. Do you want us to design the custom rigid boxes for your products and take care of the process from start to finish? You can.

    The attention and care we put into making sure our rigid box packaging completely adheres to our clients’ requirements are unparalleled in the industry in the United Kingdoms. You merely

    Receive a Prototype Before Finalizing Any Contract

    We understand the importance of packaging on the perception of the product — it can make the difference between people thinking your product is high-quality or cheap when they see it on store shelves, and this has a substantial impact on sales. That’s why we want to make sure our clients’ expectations are fully met before we even sign a contract.

    What this means in practice is that if you decided you’re interested in our offer, you can contact us with details of your project, and we’ll make sure you have a proper hand-finished prototype of the rigid packaging in your hands in a reasonable amount of time. After you decide that the packaging meets your standards, you can then decide to work with us. And if, for whatever reason, you thought we aren’t suitable or wanted changes made to the prototype, you are under no contractual obligation.

    Just-in-Time Production

    Supply-chain issues due to COVID laid bear the weaknesses and risks involved to everyone, but CEOs running companies have always been aware of them: when offering a product, it is very hard to scale the components with demand. This is especially true if demand for a specific product fluctuates considerably.

    Companies solve this issue by overstocking every component in the event of a sudden spike in demand, but the upkeep, degradation, and storage costs all make this prohibitively expensive for a lot of businesses.

    This is where Art of Packaging comes in. Our JIT production pipeline means that we can quickly scale up rigid packaging production to keep up with demand for your product. If you want half the rigid boxes in a month and triple the rigid boxes the next month, we can meet your demands seamlessly in both scenarios.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Rigid Boxes Expensive?

    Depending on the materials used, the size, the design, and the finish rigid boxes can indeed become quite expensive. This is usually why rigid boxes packaging is usually used for high-quality products, while most products targeting the bottom-line use regular packaging.

    But, rigid boxes don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg, however. And here at Art of Packaging, we use advanced manufacturing and organizational methods to cut down costs and make custom rigid boxes affordable. So, if you’re interested in making your product appear high-end with the help of luxury rigid boxes, then give us a call.

    How Do You Make a Rigid Box?

    Although the process of building a rigid box can vary from one company to another, they all generally follow the same outline:

    • Sizing: custom rigid boxes come in a lot of different sizes. The first step we take is making sure the paperboard is the correct size for our client’s product.
    • Folding: after the paperboard is the proper size, it is then folded to give it the basic shape of the box. Only after the basic shape of the box is finalized can the other steps on the list be carried out.
    • Printing the design: after the basic shape of the rigid box is ready, the design is including the embellishments, the foils, the embroidery, the trinkets and more is superimposed on top of the basic shape of the box.
    • Wrapping: whether this is done at your company or ours, the wrapping is the final piece of the puzzle and makes the rigid box complete and ready for consumer shelves.

    This is the basic outline of how a manufacturer makes a rigid box.

    Are Rigid Boxes Recyclable?

    Rigid boxes’ recyclability, like all other products, depends on the materials used in making the boxes. Although some companies use synthetic materials that are hard to reuse and take a long time to break down by the environment, the materials we use to make our rigid boxes are almost completely biodegradable. This is a huge plus for people worried about the environmental impact of your products.

    Rigid Boxes are Suitable for Which Types of Products?

    There’s a short and long answer: the short answer is rigid boxes are suitable for all kinds of products.

    The long answer is that rigid boxes do come with a price premium, and they’re indeed not suitable for products above a certain size, so this does limit their uses somewhat. Typically, if you want your products to make a good first impression, going with luxury rigid boxes is a good investment that can easily help you make extra profit.