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    Ribbon Packaging

    Discover our top-quality packaging – both fun and functional.

    Ribbon Packaging

    Sweets and Groceries Boxes

    Sweets and confections are extremely popular, and companies working in these markets definitely deserve the best sweets packaging. UK sweets market is absolutely massive, and companies need to make sure their products stand out to ensure they can capitalize on that market and grow their revenues.

    By working with Art of Packaging, we can guarantee a variety of packaging types all built from high-grade materials at an affordable cost — not only that, thanks to our talented designers, we can use your logos, brands, etc. to make you stand out. And if you’re selling high-end chocolate and want a more traditional ‘luxury good’, we make expert use of ribbon with our packaging.

      1. FSC certificates

        We believe in environmental responsibility and take special pride in conducting our business in accordance with ecological norms.

      1. 100% quality

        Maintaining the highest standards is a key issue for us. We believe our packaging is a calling card of your product.

      1. FSC certificates

        If your product requires non-standard approach, we are ready to create a customised solution to meet your needs.

    Use of Ribbons When Packaging

    Ribbons are a traditional finishing touch on gift wraps, but more recently, you use extensive use of ribbons in a variety of products from sweets to cosmetics and more. Ribbons are versatile, flexible, and can make any packaging stand out on store shelves. If a product uses a ribbon in its packaging, it will draw more attention!

    Due to the shape, texture, and flexibility of ribbons, they are the ultimate element in many packaging out there – they can be used in countless creative ways, but it has two really common uses:

    • they are often used in the shape of bowties on consumer products: this makes the products stand out, and it also makes it easier for them to be used as gifts. Christmas and holiday-themed products also make extensive use of ribbons in this style.
    • They are used to wrap around part of the packaging:  another really common use of ribbons – it makes the packaging appear high-quality and luxurious. You often see this use in high-end, expensive sweets, perfumes, etc.

    At Art of Packaging, we truly want to treat our packaging as art, and that’s why we make extensive use of ribbons to help your products stand out. Whether you have a high-end product or a holiday-themed one, contact us and we’ll design the right packaging for you while making creative use of ribbons.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Ribbon Packaging?

    The concept is simple: it refers to packaging that makes use of ribbons in the design. Whether you wrap the ribbon around the packaging in a bowtie or use it in other ways, it doesn’t matter. Any packaging that uses a ribbon falls under this category.

    Are Ribbons Environmentally Friendly? Can You Recycle Ribbons?

    Sadly, no, ribbons aren’t recyclable or biodegradable. But, since they make a tiny portion of the overall packaging, as long as the rest of the packaging uses biodegradable, environmentally-friendly materials,  companies can keep the environmental impact of ribbon use to a minimum.